Mission Statement

Our mission at b:hip Europe is to help people achieve a healthier and richer lifestyle by running a solid, sustainable company with unique products and offering an outstanding business opportunity. We are not a stock exchange company and have therefore no external shareholders to please. All we care about is our distributors success and making our high quality products available for customers all over Europe. We will during the coming years expand organically all over Europe building the company on sound principles and high integrity based on European business philosophy, and a European way of conducting Direct Sales.

Global Strategy

Our goal is to continue our international expansion taking our unique business model and health products abroad to a variety of markets and countries. “Community” is more than just a word for us and we believe in contributing to the public that supports us. We strongly believe in transparency and brand responsibility and make every effort to adhere to the product and legal guidelines of our stated distribution areas. Our sensible approach to best industry practices, coupled with a sturdy and reliable online infrastructure, give our distributors the tools they need to cultivate their own business. We have faith in the strength and authenticity of our brand. We will continue to expand across instilling our vision in the minds and hearts of our distributors and customers, and keep aiming for a healthier, richer life for all.