Give yourself that extra boost!

Clean, Herbal, Power*

Boost is a dietary supplement in tablet form. It is designed to reduce tiredness and fatigue and at the same time give you a comfortable feeling within your body. In addition, B:HIP Boost contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism as well as contributing to the normal functioning of the immune system. Furthermore, the vitamin content in Boost helps to protect against oxidative damage to body’s cells. Taking boost between meals will provide you with the best efficacy of boost.

Clean Herbal Power*

– Clean because there is no sugar added
– Herbal relates to the fact that there are a number of fruit powders and herbal ingredients in Boost.
– Power relates to the approved EFSA health claims for vitamins B3, B6 and B12

Boost is designed to empower the body due to the content of vitamin B3, B6, B12 and vitamin C, which contributes to:

– The reduction of tiredness and fatigue
Normal function of the immune system and nervous system
Normal psychological function
Normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels
Normal energy-yielding, homocysteine and protein and glycogen metabolism
Normal red blood cell formation and protection of cells from oxidative stress

You can not find Boost in regular stores. We strongly believe that the products have to be explained and that you as a consumer should be advised on how to use them in the best way for you to reach their maximum potential. This is why you can only buy the FUSION products from your coach or personal distributor.


check-boost Oat Beta-glucan
check-boost Green Coffea bean Extract
check-boost Bilberry Extract from ENI
check-boost Polyphenol-C™ Blend from ENI
check-boost Cocoa Extract


Oat Beta glucan (Avena sativa), stabilizer: microcrystalline cellulose, Brown algae ( Laminaria digitatae Algae), Green coffee bean extract (Coffea robusta L.), Calcium (Algas calcareas), Polyphenol-C (mix of: Vitis vinifera, Vaccinium macrocarpon, Rubus laciniatus, armeniacus, ursinus, fruticosus, Rubus idaeus, rubus stringosus), Papaya extract (Carica papaya L.), Green tea extract (Camelia sinensis (L.) Kuntze), Cocoa extract (Theobroma cocoa), Spinach extract (Spinacia oleracea L.), anticaking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids, anticaking agent: Silicium dioxide, Capsaicin (Capsicum annuum L.), stabilizer: polyvinylpyrrolidon, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride), Chromium (chromium piccolinate), Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin),.

Nutritional values

Contains Per daily dosage amount %DRI*
Vitamin B6 6 mg 536%
Vitamin B12 12 μg 480%
Chromium 60 μg 150%